My name is Coryn, I was born in Saxony and have a fable for fashion!

Besides my many years of modeling, I worked as a nurse and nutritionist. As a result, I gained a lot of experience in areas such as marketing, sales and the development of new product lines. 2012 I came back to public life, with numerous model/promotion activities and TV commercials in Croatia, Germany, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Last year I decided to found my own fashion brand. I made up my mind to go into the field of handmade boots and accessories. Before I could realize this dream, I had to ask myself some important questions. The most difficult question was how to adjust and balance the latent wishes of my customers, as well as my own wishes. After a long time, the answer was quite simple: I like to be free to create unseen and exclusive designs without limiting my creativity in any way. I would like to share this feeling of creativity and exclusivity with you through coryn-fashion.com.

I have traveled extensively in my life and met many cultures - I have devoted myself to the beauty and diversity of nature and dived into a colorful world. I have enjoyed colors, fragrances, sounds, experiences, sights and encounters and made them part of myself. With my boots, I try to pass on these experiences and emotions.

At Coryn Fashion you will find the boots that express your personality and lifestyle. Every single boot is handmade and is, therefore, unique, just like you! All of our artwork is handcrafted to give you the feeling of creativity, luxury and exclusivity. It is very important to me that my boots stand out from the mainstream and this also applies to the sizes. Our legs are all built differently, and as a woman, you should not be satisfied with a "size off the rack". With the possibility to specify your own leg opening width, you will get the boot that fits like a glove.

I am always open to questions, feedback or other suggestions. I would be delighted to receive a message from you, even if you are only looking for a fashion lover with whom you can share your thoughts.

Happy shopping!

Yours sincerely,